Front-end Development

Faon Faon

November 2018


Faon Faon is a brand designed by a young designer who offers sweatshirts and jackets for children. The clothes are stylish and look great.

For the website, the client therefore wants a simple but uncluttered design to present and showcase the clothes on sale online.

Having already a good general idea of what she wanted for her site, most of this project was to develop the site under WordPress strictly following the requirements of the client.

Woocommerce, CSS and PHP


The complexity and interest of the project lay in the realization of the design and functionalities desired by the client using WordPress and the Woocommerce plugin, a tool to create an online ecommerce shop.

My work focused on the creation and especially the customization of the site by manipulating the CSS styles but also the PHP language to create dynamic pages and corresponding to the desire of the customer.

Customization of CSS and PHP files

Product page after customization

Customization of the website


Many features and details were requested by the client to have a really personal and attractive site. It should not forget to make the site easy to use for users so that the purchase process is as direct and enjoyable as possible.

To do so, many small items have been added to the site to give to the user information on his order and help him in his purchase process. These elements are for example the addition of a cart with the number of products ordered visible at any time in the header of the site, the possibility of sharing products on social networks, the establishment of interactive slideshow to (re)view the clothes with more detail …

Visual on number of ordered items

Interactive and personalized slideshow of images

View to Instagram account

Purchase accessible on all devices


Users can order their product regardless of the device they connect to (computers, tablets, mobile phones). The site has indeed been designed to adapt to all types of devices in order not to lose potential purchases: it is possible to buy Faon Faon clothing at any time and wherever you are.

Finally, in order to help Faon Faon in the follow-up and the management of its orders, functionalities have been added in the WordPress ordering table, for example the integration of the tracking of packages sending, the possibility of sending invoices by email to customers

Website accessible on all types of devices



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